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Monday – Friday
3pm – 6pm

4pm – close
$25 per person ++

1776 by David Burke Dinner Menu


small / 6   large / 12
gruyere popovers
jalapeno corn bread
sweet butter, radishes, grapes


east and west coast
1/2 dozen naked  21
black pepper, apple mignonette
dressed (5)  30
crab meat, blood orange, yuzu, espelette


clothesline bacon  24
black pepper maple glaze, pickle, lemon


tuna and salmon tartare*  21
citrus, sesame, soy

crispy “paper boy shrimp”  20
spicy aji amarillo aioli

lobster dumplings  21
tomato miso, chili oil, preserved lemon

smoked salmon & avocado carpaccio *  18
“everything” pizza knots, horseradish, watercress

shrimp guactail  24
guacamole, plantain chips, cocktail vinaigrette

kale and romaine caesar salad  16
parmesan crisp, croutons

steakhouse wedge salad  17
blue cheese, tomatoes, bacon, pickled red onion

burrata & prosciutto salad  20
beets, pickled butternut, poached grapes


butternut squash ravioli  
17 appetizer  31 main
parmesan, sage, walnuts, pomegranate, chocolate balsamic

wild mushroom
& bison short rib cavatelli  39
truffles, parmesan, roast garlic

vegetable pizza  17
mushroom ricotta, shaved brussels sprouts, butternut squash, zucchini, pumpkin seed pesto

angry butcher pizza  22
spicy capicola, chorizo, crispy prosciutto, arugula, hot honey

lobster “scampi” pizza  27
garlic, fennel, lemon, herbs


roast chicken   31
farrotto, butternut, celery root, kale

pork chop w/sandy hook clams casino  36
bacon, lemon, peas, garlic, peppers

hay roasted rack of lamb w/ merguez sausage  39
corn polenta, pistachio crumbs, pomegranate

roasted duck breast & foie gras dumplings  38
red cabbage, kumquat, ginger snap

ginger and black pepper salmon  35
sweet and sour brussels sprouts, celery root puree

olive oil & lemon roasted branzino  39
artichoke puree, tiny ratatouille vinaigrette, black olives

octopus, scallops and shrimp “vera cruz”  39
tomato, capers, jalapeno

crispy tempura “johnny hong kong” lobster 52
vegetable fried rice, singapore chili sauce


David Burke Himalayan Salt Aging: Patent US 7,998,517 B2­

12 oz dry aged ny sirloin*  55
b1 sauce, watercress

20 oz dry aged rib eye*  59
b1 sauce, watercress

34 oz dry aged porterhouse* for 2**  135
b1 sauce, watercress

db dry aged cheeseburger*  23
b1 sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, on an english muffin

8 oz filet mignon*  46
b1 sauce, watercress

48 oz bone in filet mignon for 2**  125
b1 sauce, watercress

**with a choice of any 2 sides


9 each / 3 for 25

sweet & sour brussels with peppadews
onion soup mashed potatoes
creamed spinach and leeks
mushrooms, spinach and shallots
vegetable fried rice


hipster fries  16
shishitos, parsley, bacon, chili

general tso’s cauliflower & broccoli  16
carrots, scallions, cashews, sweet & spicy glaze


vanilla bean crème brulee / 10
cranberry compote, ginger snap cookie

crustless lemon “meringue” and berry pie / 11
orange blossom and saffron crisp, hibiscus tea syrup

chocolate chip ice cream sliders (2) / 11
vanilla gelato, toasted marshmallow, amarena cherries, candied pistachio, hot fudge sauce

“curious george goes to motown” / 12
banana-butterscotch panna cotta, exotic spiced maple jelly

smart Alec in the park / 16
chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch, raspberries, orange caramel


cinnamon sugar donuts and french macaroons / 18
whipped cream, passion fruit caramel, raspberry sauce, cinnamon sugar

db’s cheesecake lollipop tree / 20
toffee crunch, cherry pistachio, chocolate tuxedo, bubblegum whipped cream

caramelized apple tart “cinnamon and rosemary smoked” / 22
cinnamon gelato, caramel sauce, toasted oat crumble

tin can cake / 22
chocolate sauce, candy bar crunch, caramel sauce, vanilla gelato and a lil’ bit of whip


danspresso collins / 16
orange vodka, passionfruit, orgeat, espresso

new jersey iced coffee / 18
tullamore dew caribbean rum cask finish whiskey, orange cognac, amaro, kerry gold irish liqueur, espresso